Annaëlle & Thibault

I (Anna) am from Grenoble, and Thibault is from Valence, we both fell in love with traveling between Canada and Australia. Since then, we’re always ready to jump on a new adventure.

Road trip, wild camping, hiking, fishing, kayaking…

…these are the things that we love the most and we have a bunch of memories for each of them. Always up for a city break in London or Berlin (huge fans of both their craft beers and coffee shops), we’d rather go for an outdoor destination where we can get lost, explore, and discover!

Protect our planet, live in harmony with nature, reduce our waste…

…this is what we aim for in the upcoming years. We know how bad is the situation and we want to do what we can to protect what’s left of our planet and its biodiversity. Respecting both nature and humans is essential. We don’t have a miracle cure to offer, only the strong belief that we’re all Actors. Everybody can act towards a better planet, so let’s move mountains together!

Anna’s things

Reading the maps (while being really bad with GPS), discovering the local street food, eating everything baked with cinnamon, learning as many languages as possible, taking pictures of my feet (not in a creepy/fetishist way).

Thibault’s things

Talking with his hands, carving wood, driving without a destination (just enjoying the ride!), taking the smallest roads, climbing on everything (meaning rocks or trees).

Have you met Matcha?

3 years, 5 kilos and a lot of fur! As he grew up in a 50 sqm apartment, we were not sure that he would be thrilled to live in a van, but when we asked, he blinked twice and looked very excited about this new adventure. He already looks like a badass travelling cat and it didn’t take long before he swapped his organic cat food for the local mice!