Our Project

Its origin

It kind of popped in our head in November 2015, we discussed it, tried to forget about it, thought a lot about it, discussed it again while having a drink (many drinks) and then, something happened. In July 2018, we had a life-changing experience, we met incredible people and we decided to take the final leap. Here’s the full story.

After a year spent in Brisbane and our very first road trip together between the Northern island of New Zealand and Australia, we came back to France and moved to Paris. We gave it 2 years…that turned into 5 (some of you know what we’re talking about). We were travelling a lot: European city breaks, a road trip in Iceland, wild camping in the French Alps…we needed the fresh air and the adventure.


In 2017, while we were waiting for a cup of coffee in one of Paris overcrowded places, we met Alex, a British guy, with whom we worked on a theatre project that led us to spend 2 months in China and Japan.

When we got back (and God knows how hard it was to leave Japan), Anna decided to take a 3-month online class about “Permaculture Design” with the Université des Colibris.

July 2018, here we are, together at the Oasis de Serendip, eager to turn theories into practice. We didn’t know then, that we would live one of the best weeks of our lives. We had an outstanding human experience, we (re)connect with nature, we learned so much about Permaculture and we were surrounded by positive energy. That was it: we needed to find our new lives, an alternative life, to be in harmony with nature, to be fulfilled.

What’s our project about?

We decided to bring together our South Pole to North Pole project (our biggest dream) with our budding passion for permaculture and the urge to preserve our planet.

We were still hesitating about the departure date and we only made a final decision in November 2018, after having watched the documentary “Génération Tour du Monde” produced by Les Coflocs (a must-watch!). The tickets were booked for the 19h of April 2019.

We had to sort some (a lot) of things out, leave our Parisian place, take a few Spanish lessons…and say Goodbye to our friends and family.

What’s next?

Find the perfect van, driving to Ushuaia and then all the way up to Alaska on the Pan-American Highway. We’ll make stops along the way to observe, learn and share our knowledges in permaculture, eco-building, cooking, and meditation…

Did we mention that Matcha is joining us? He’s ready for his new travelling life!